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mars 2019


Happy birthday to my sweet girls Happy and Iz and offcurse to their siblings <3 I can not belive it has been four years sins they were born, time runs too fast <3 We also send an extra thought to Petra and her family and to Krut in doggie heaven<3

Happy <3 Thank you Sanna for this picture <3

Iz<3 Thank you Sanna for this picture <3

We had a visit from Nathalie and Oden and we had some lovely walks on our mountain <3

Oden and Happy<3


Also Linus and Barthez came over for a early walk, we went uphills for a 13km lovely walk<3

Iz and Barthez, thank you Linus for this picture <3


I went to visit Nathalie and Bernt and the doggies, it was so nice to se them again. Frigg is now a year old and she is such a special girl <3 Sadly, to different reasons, we have decided that she will not be a part of our breeding program. She will be spayed during the nexst weeks and she will be living a happy life as a family member with Nathalie and Bernt<3

Frigg <3

We also had some fun withouth the dogues ;)

Thank you for a great weeken Nathalie and Bernt <3

This was all for now :)
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