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Happy Birthday to my big boy Bulten! He turned nine 5th of may! I can not in words describe how much he mean to me <3 He is my pride and joy and during these nine years he gave me so much love and happiness <3


Spring is here and we enjoy our mountain to the fullest <3 Everything is very, very green :)

Miss Viva




Happy and Iz

We had the pleasure to have Oden and Nathalie here for a cupple of days <3 We took some nice walks on the mountain and had some good food and wine <3

Nathalie, Oden, Viva, Happy and Iz during our 10km of walk <3



We are still waiting for Iz to come in to heat. It seem that a lot of females are late in their heat this spring, perhaps it is coused by the late winter. But we wait and wait, soner or later she will hopefully start :)

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