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Our News


The summer came and disappeared as fast again :) Not much sun this summer but the more rain and wind ;) We have nevertheless had some fun stuff at least :) At first we went to watching our R R Half Baked aka Aslan when he did his BPH-test, he did it with bravur! As big as he is as cool is he :) This boy always makes me proud <3

Aslan having fun!

Me and Bulten also went to a two days show in Norje Boke, the first day it was a breed specialshow and also Kunstler Cup :) Bulten did great, he was BOB Veteran and ended the show by taking best male 4! I am so proud of my beautiful old man <3

Bulten and me with Judge Mrs Paola Micara Watten, Italy and his ATI-Bordeaux CAC.

Bulten BOB Veteran and Royal Bordeaux Melody BOS Veteran.

My boy <3

Still looking good <3

The day after it was a National Show for molossers and mountain dogs. Bulten did great again, he took BOB Veterand, BOS and ended the show by taking BIS 3 Veteran :) Judge for the day was Mr Benny Blidh Von Schedvin, Sweden.

Royal Bordeaux Melody BOS Veteran and Bulten BOB Veteran :)

Algojo´s Piraya BOB and Bulten BOS <3

Bulten will now be retired from the show rings. We had an absolut amazing summer were he entered four shows as a veteran with the results:

BIS 2 x 1
BIS Veteran x 1
BIS 3 Veteran x 2
BOB x 1
BOS x 1
BOB Veteran x 4
Best Male 2 x 1
Best Male 4 x 1

This weekend our offspring R R Chunky Monkey aka Oden was entered and he did GREAT! Day one he got excellent and ended up as second in open class male. And day two he took second best male with CAC!!!! I am a very proud breeder :)

Rouge Rubis Chunky Monkey aka Oden with his wins :)

Oden want to say Hi to the judge :)

On the move :)

The weekend after me and Iz went to an International Show in Ronneby, Iz did me proud again and become BOB with her second CACIB :)

Judge Mrs June Wall, Ireland with Iz BOB and Redlegends I Am Canuck BOS.

Me and Nathalie went to a mini-vaccation on Öland with Oden and Viva, we had a lovely weekend even tough the weather and show-result could be better ;)

Mom Viva and son Oden<3

Viva on raukorna at Öland <3

Our Queen Viva <3

With Happy and Viva everything is fine, Viva is in heat so she is a bit extra beautiful at the moment ;)

Beautiful mom Viva and her just as beautiful daughter Happy <3

Autumn is almost gone now and you can for sure notis winter is comming up, colder mornings and darker evenings but we have had some really nice autumn days :)

Sweet sisters, Happy and Iz <3

Sisters in crime ;)

I wonder what the conversation is about :) Bulten and Happy :)

My boy <3

Chef of the day, Mr Bulten :)

This was all for now :) Carpe Diem :)

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