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Today is not just any day... Today it is my highly beloved Bultens 8 years birthday I can't belive how fast these eight years has passed... I am very aware that my boy is no longer a youngster (even if he act like it most days ) and I take everyday with my Bulten as a blessing Bulten has everything I wish for in a male and some years ago I had his semen frozen and one thing I really looking forvard to is that if everything goes as plan, by this time next year my Iz has been breed to my Bulten and we will have some mini-Bultens running around in our house by the summer, this has been my dream and hope ever sins I breed Viva to Cajun  With this I wish my king, my pride and joy, my everything a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and I hope we have many years to come

Thank you Sanna for the lovely photos you took of me and my boy <3

Everything is fine with the gang, Iz has been in heat, Viva is in heat at the moment and we are waiting for Happy to start aswell :)

We had a lovely visit from Barthez, boy he is growing in to a lovely male <3

Barthez, Iz and Happy :)

I think it is safe to say that spring is finally here, it is still a bit cold in nightime but the days are really nice now and our mountain is exploding in all it´s lovely colours <3

Iz and Happy first of May :)

I just love this time of year and we do spend a lot of time outside and on our mountain <3

My Queen Viva at my favorite place on our mountain, I just love to sit here and listening to the water and the birds <3

That´s it for now, take care everyone!

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