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december 2016


Ok, so this year is coming to an end... Time flies that´s for sure....

This will be a short update, more pictures than text ;)

We had some lovely autumn days AND we even had snow for about a week!!! The dogues loved it :)

Iz one of our lovely walks on our mountain :)

Iz in her tree house :)

Happy on guard, keeping an eye on enemys line (neighbour ;))

Happy on a snowy walk <3

Queen of the mountain, our Viva <3

And the King, Bulten 7 1/2 years young and looking good <3

Last weeken we had a visit from one of our pups R R Fairly Nuts aka Malte, boy he is one beautiful youngster <3




Malte <3

And with this we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Se you again in 2017 :)

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