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Our News

augusti 2016


Back again :) The summer starts drawing to a close for this year and we have had a wonderful summer :) In June we reeived a much-awaited visit from my dear friend Mandy, imagine what the DdB has generated in my life... Withouth them, I probably would have never met some of the people I see today as my closest friends <3
When Mandy was here, we also had one of our puppies Barthez with us for a vaccation :) He is a wonderful guy who falls into the pack as well <3 Mandy took some lovely pictures of the dogs and you can se them here :)

Barthez 16 month old, pictures by Mandy Rutter!

Happy 16 month old, picture by Mandy Rutter!

Iz 16 month old, picture bu Mandy Rutter!

Queen Viva 4 years old, picture by Mandy Rutter!

First day of vacation we packed all dogs in the car and went to Gothenburg to meet our friends Elisabeth and David and aslo to do the BPH (mental and personal test) and the test for Wildtracking with Happy and Iz. They both cleared their BPH without problems and the same with the Wiltracking test :) So they are now allowed to compete in openclass Wiltracking and compete for the Wildtracking Championship :) Speaking of Wildtracking Champions... The same day as Happy and Iz were approved Oden and Krut raced for their last first prize in Openclass and they are now both Wildtracking Champions :) It was so incredibly fun to be there when it happened and I am so proud as a breeder <3 Gongrats Petra and Krut and Nathalie and Oden <3

Iz during her BPH, thank you Nathalie for the pictures! Sadly I have no photos from Happy.

Happy, Iz, Krut and Oden!

A copple of weeks ago we also went to se Aslan, he is such a beautiful boy and everytime I get the chanse to se some of our offsprings I am walking around on fluffy pink clouds for a week <3 Thank you Sussie and Jonas for a lovely day<3

Aslan (and me)

There are some new updates here and there on our site, have a look around :) We end this post with some random pictures from this summer <3

We built a treehouse for the dogues in their kennel :)

The hooligans had a fun day with my niece <3

I got this lovely gift of my Bulten made on scrapboard by my friend Ike <3

My King, my pride and joy, my Bulten <3

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