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maj 2016


Bulten, Bulten, our lovely Bulten... Seven years young today <3 I can´t belive it has been seven years sins I first held him in my hands, so many things has happened and he has grown from a crazy pup to a beautiful and wise man <3 Happy Birthday Bulten, we love you <3

Another thing that I am very happy and proud about is that on May 3rd,after almost two years of study and 30 physical meetings, I took my "degree" from the Swedish Kennel Club Dog Breeders Education :) It has been a wonderful and very educational time <3

Swedish Kennel Club Dog Breeders Education, class 2014-2016 ,with our course leader Björn :)

You can really tell our mountain is coming to life again after a long winter, you can smell it, hear it and every sight of it says Spring is here! And I love it. Walking around on the mountain this time of year is an energyboost compares to nothing else <3

Our King of the mountain <3

King of the hills, Bulten <3

As I said, our mountain is coming to life again and I specially enjoy going out early morning before sun comes up and stay out to se the sunrise <3

The hooligans on an early walk <3

Double up on the best, our Queen Viva <3

That´s it for now, take care and enjoy spring everyone!

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