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april 2016


I have had some great news from my Dogue-family!

10/4 I first got a phone call from Petra telling me Krut did his BPH (behavier and personal test) with exellent results only 13 month old :) And then, just a few hours later I had a call from Natalie telling me Oden got his first 1 prize in openclass wildtracking :) Aaaand then, also the same day as Petra and Natalie called me, a call from Elisabeth... Jamaica, only 13 month old took her third 1 prize in openclass wildtracking and with this she is now also a Swedish Wildtracking Champion :) Wohooo, I am so happy! Well done everyone, I am still bouncing around on little pink clouds <3

Here at home everything is just fine except Bulten has a small injure on his left eye so he is now under medical treatment and hopefully we don´t have to do any op. We have had heating season sins february but Bulten has been really calm and not to bothered :) Iz and Happy is growing nicely, I have had them both X-rayed on the elbows and both Iz and Happy are Ed 0/Free. This means we now have seven of the eight pups Ed x-rayed and the result so far is six Ed 0/Free and one Ed 2/3 and one not yet x-rayed :)

I have finaly been as Sannas too to have some new pictures taken of the girls, so now I have changed their pictures on their own sites :) I have also updated with some more results under Ben & Jerry´s litter :)

Se VCH Rouge Rubis Jamaican Me Crazy aka Jamaica and Elisabeth

Rouge Rubis Chunky Monkey aka Oden and Natalie

Rouge Rubis Cookie Dough aka Krut and Petra

Here is some of the photos Sanna took of Bulten and the hooligans :) Thank you Sanna!

Happy 13 month

Iz 13 month old

Bulten soon to turn 7 and Happy

The girls, standing on the ground with four legs down, Mom Viva, standing on the ground on two legs, Iz, and in the background on the great stone, our "goat" Happy <3

Happy and Iz on one of our walks on our mountain <3 I really love this time of year <3

This was all for now :) Take care everyone!
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