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februari 2016


So we are now in 2016!

Just a short update on the latest news :) The new year started out with us having Barthez over for a few weeks sins Julia and Linus were off for some holidays. That boy is the sweetest <3

And then we had Oden, Natalie and Bernt over for a weekend :) That weekend we also had Aslan, Sussie and Jonas here and we had some nice walk around the mountain :)

   Oden, Iz, Happy, Aslan and Viva :)

The week after that we had Malte and his family over, it is so nice to se how well all of the pups is growing <3


And this weekend we had some really nice news, only 10 month old two of our offsprings, Jamaican and Oden got approved in wildtracking test, this mean they are now ready to compete in open class and go for the Wildtracking Championship :-D Sins early Krut is approved too and he was just nine month old! Very well done everyone <3




With my dogs everything is fine. Both Happy and Iz had their first heat (not fun for Bulten) so they are now both real women ;)

And today is also a special day! Our Queens Viva is turning four years old! Happy birthday to her and her siblings <3

Viva <3

That´s it for now :)

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