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juli 2015


Finally, finally, finally......

So much has happened here that I forgott to update my website ;)

First of all, my boy, my pride and joy Bulten celebrated his six years old birthday in may. Happy belated birthday my boy <3

Aaaaand..... In mars 20150308 Miss Vivas litter was born. Eight lovely pups came  into this world <3 Elisabeth and David was here to help and suport me and Viva thru the labor, it was such a special moment <3 Everything went just fine and from the first second Viva has been the best mom <3 I decided to name the pups after Ben & Jerry´s ice cream cus that is my fav ice cream on the market and they always has so funny names on their different flavors :) You can find more info about the litter under Puppies/Litters

Eight new born sweethearts<3

Time went so fast, before I knew  the pups were eight weeks old and of to their new homes. We keept two girls at home and the third girl moved to Elisabeth and David and we also saved the breeding rights from one of the boys. All the puppies has amazing new familys who loves them just as much as we do <3

First puppies to leave for their new homes was the boy we kept the breeding rights for and the girl Jamaica. Krut now lives with Petra and her family and Jamaica lives with Elisabeth and David <3

Second to go was Oden, he lives with Natahlie and Bernt <3

Then Barthez, Malte and Aslan left for their new lifes with their new loving familys <3

Barthez with Linus and Julia <3

Malte with his family Dennis, Sanna and Iris <3 

Aslan with his new mom and dad Sussie and Jonas <3

I cryed so much when I saw the puppies go but I know they will have the best lifes in their new homes <3 And all of them lives in less than four hours of drive so I will be able to se them ones and while :)

The same week as the puppies left we also had a very nice visit from Mandy <3 She is the owner of the puppies father and she came from Holland to se the little ones before they left the house, it was a great pleassure to have her here <3 And if you go to Sweden you have to se a moose so we went for a moose safari one of the days :)

Say cheese :D

Mandy with her favorit boy Krut having a conversation <3

And offcurse Sanna has been here to take some photos af the gang :) And we went to hers with Barthez, Iz and Happy one day :) Soleil just LOVED the puppies :)

Soleil with Barthez<3

Bulten has been a great playfriend for the gang too, he´s been playing very gentle and looking after them <3 Sanna took these pictures of him and Krut, it says alot <3

Barthez, Iz and Happy at Sannas :)

My Iz :)

Me and the gang before they left <3

Iz and Happy now has their own sides at our website, there you can se more pictures of them :) And I have also a new link called Puppies/Litters, there you can find info on plans, puppies and The Ben & Jerry´s Litter.

And at last but not least, I had Bulten and Viva testen for the horrible disease Hypokeratosis. Happy I was when they got their results back and they were both Clear meaning they are not carryer of the gene that gives Hypokeratosis :))))

This was it for now!

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