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Today is a very special day! Our girl is turning three years old :) Time runs so fast, I still remember the day we brought her home <3 Happy Birthday sweet Viva <3 We feel this is a great opertunity to announce that she is also five weeks pregnant to the lovely Von Hof´s Cajun Delight, for more info, have a look under Puppies :) We are over the moon by this and can´t wait to finns out what she is hiding in her tummy <3

The day we brought Viva home <3

Viva today, three years old and five weeks pregnant <3

With Bulten everything is just fine, he is just as silly as always :) It will be very intresting to se what he has to say about the puppies when they are born :) I think he will enjouy life as an "uncle", he loves to play so hopefully there will be a little friend for him <3

That´s all for now, next update will hopefully be when the pups is born :)

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