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Puppies expected :) :) :)
Today it´s been three weeks sins Miss Viva was breed I am pretty sure that she is pregnant to the lovely Cajun <3 The pups are expected around 10 of september :) I am over the moon about this coming litter :) If you want to know more about the litter please have a look at our puppy page, send me an email or give me a call :)
Below you se some pictures of Viva and Cajun and also the pedigree of the pups :)
Below some pictures of Miss Viva :)
With Bulten everything is just great :) Me,Bulten, Sanna and Soleil went to a very beautiful place half an hours of drive from my place and Sanna took some amazing pictures of my boy :) You can se some of them here and some of them at his own page :) Thank you Sanna for the lovely pictures <3
Should I jump....
Yey! I did it :)
 Bulten :)
Butt butt ;) Bulten and Soleil :)
 And finally, true love caught in a picture, me and my boy <3<3

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