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Sadly there will be no pups this time. Miss Viva did show every sign of pregnancy but yet there was a tiny part of me hwo was doubtful so I decided to take an ultratest on her in week six. And there was no sign of any pregnancy at all at the moment and no sign of her ever beeing pregnant. She cheated us big time :( How ever we will give it another try next year.
Our girl <3


Puppies expected :) :) :)
Today it´s been three weeks sins Miss Viva was breed I am pretty sure that she is pregnant to the lovely Cajun <3 The pups are expected around 10 of september :) I am over the moon about this coming litter :) If you want to know more about the litter please have a look at our puppy page, send me an email or give me a call :)
Below you se some pictures of Viva and Cajun and also the pedigree of the pups :)
Below some pictures of Miss Viva :)
With Bulten everything is just great :) Me,Bulten, Sanna and Soleil went to a very beautiful place half an hours of drive from my place and Sanna took some amazing pictures of my boy :) You can se some of them here and some of them at his own page :) Thank you Sanna for the lovely pictures <3
Should I jump....
Yey! I did it :)
 Bulten :)
Butt butt ;) Bulten and Soleil :)
 And finally, true love caught in a picture, me and my boy <3<3


Happy happy birthday to my pride and joy Bulten at his fifth birtday :))))))) I can´t belive five years already passed sins he was born. Time runs to fast sometimes...
Everything is fine with the dogs, we are waiting for Miss Viva to start to heat but i keep my fingers crossed she will wait for a month or so :)
There are some new pictures of the dogs in their gallerys, please enjoy :)
Have a lovely spring, cus we sure will :))))


We have some great plans going on.......
For more info, take a look at our site Puppies :)))))
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