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This is not an easy update for me to write. On the night of June 1, we lost our beloved Manson in bloat. It feels so unfair that there was such a thing that would take him away from us, he was so energetic and happy and on the day he was as usual a one-hour walk on the mountain. While it 's nice that everything happened so fast, it feels somehow that his time was not quite come yet. Manson was not only my first Dogue de Bordeaux, but he was my first dog. When he moved in with us, we had waited a long time to find the perfect dog, and he was perfect in every way. He was my best friend for almost ten years and the longing for him is huge. There is so much I would like to write in praise of him, but I find simply no words that fit for it. There will never be anyone who can fill the emptiness he left behind. R.I.P our beloved Manson.
It was a little confused for Bulten, Hoffe and Viva when Manson disappeared. Bulten especially missed him, he ate poorly in a week and was very low. Luckily Vivas started got in heat a week after Manson's death and then the boys got something else to think about, which was just fine. Now they have found their places all three and it's good I think.

We were on puppy reunion with family Allbrand in September and it was very nice. To the meeting had Betty and David booked into two Field Tracking Judge to those who wanted to got to try to go tests and open class track with their dogs. My three was approved on the tests on Friday and on Saturday they went an approved open class track. They were so talented and I am so impressed with my babies. Hoffe was so good so I decided to go one open class track with him on Sunday and even that track was approved :)

Me and Sanna was in Holland a weekend to go to the Dutch club match. It was a very nice event with many beautiful dogs. But the most fun of all with the trip was that I got the opportunity to meet Dennis, Hoffes dad's breeder. He was at a vaccation from the United States and stayed with Mandy at Just Delight 's Kennel and we were there on a visit. Mandy had arranged a house for me and Sanna who was five minutes from her home :) It was very nice and informative to discuss with both Mandy and Dennis, they have been in the breed for many years and possesses an incredible knowledge and experience. I even got the possibility to meet a Facebook friend named Annmarie and it was very nice to finally meet her live :)
         Dennis with one of his breedings Von Hof´s Cajun, living at Kennel Just Delight.
Another funny thing that happened is that Bulten ended up on the cover of the reissue of the French La Saga book. It was a really nice surprise :)
Mr Triquet with his book and Bulten on the cover! Tnx for this picture Annmarie Hoekstra!

On Friday 25/10, it's a very special guy's birthday, then our beloved Hoffe will be two years old :) I can not believe it has already been two years since I was in Gothenburg with Bettan and David, and helped Natasha to gave birth to the little bundle. He is a wonderful guy who really compliment our existence :)
I 've updated with some new pictures of the dogs' gallery, enjoy :)


FINALLY we went from a looooong cold winter to a FANTASTIC spring! I think we had snow for almost six month this winter so spring was more than welcomed :)
Winter is finally on it`s way to disapire :)
Everything is just fine with the dogs. We had an accident with Hoffe a wile ago, he ran in to a wild pig and got harmed but he had an amazing luck sins he just gor about 10 cm scratch with just a little hole under the skin. I´ve seen dogs hwo got their whole stomack cut open after meeting wild pigs :( Hoffe got penicilin for 14 days and then he was just fine again :)
Hoffes wound.
Hoffe 18 moth old :)
I´ve went to the vet with Viva to had her ED X-ray and she got and exellent result! ED FREE :) Feels god to know :) I am waiting for her to come in to her second heat, hopefully she get there in a week or so :) She is doing good at her wildtrack class and we are hoping she will do just as good when it is time for her confirmation :)
One day a week ago my friend was going to take a look at her teeth and then she said, -Hey, she is missing one tooth! I had a look at it and yes, there was one teeth gone! I dont know what she did but something happend and now there is only five teeth in her front row. Luckly i find a photo of her taken the 24/4 and there you can se all of her teeth so I showed that picture to the vet and they gave me an certificate on the missing toth :)
Miss Viva 15 moth old, with all of her teeth ;)
With Manson and Bulten everything is just fine. Bulten turned 4 years old fifth of may so we had a little party for him :) He is now a real man and looks AMAZING <3 I had his hips plates send to France for reading and his now official FCI status is HD A!!! I have decided to put him out to selected females as stud cus I think he have much to offer for the breed. BUT, I will be extremly selective with the females!
Bulten at his 4th birthday! I just LOVES his look <3
Here you have a link to the very talented artist Robert Dahl. He did an amazind drawing of my Manson. To se more of his work please visit www.hundporträ 
The photo is taken by SaNNaS Dog Design and Robert did a painting out of that!
The one and only, my beloved Manson 9 1/2 years young!


A big Happy B-day to our princess Viva one years old today!
Everything is just fine with everyone, we enjoying the Swedish winter to it´s full :)
Here is a new picyure of my fantastis four :)
Have a great time everyone!
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