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Our News


Then another year passed .... A quick recap of the past year shows that a lot has happened ...

We have gone from having two dogs to four, I do not really know how it happened but it was definitely a sentence with it :) It started with Hoffe moved in for Christmas last year. He is a wonderful guy with a lot of mischief. A year after he moved here, he has probably given me more laughs than all the other dogs together :)
In early May a little girl moved in to our home, Viva. At first I was hesitant to have a fourth dog, especially one girl among three boys but it has worked just fine :) She and Hoffe hit it off immediately and have been doing together since day one. I was a little worried about how we would solve it when she was in heat, I had hoped that she would come in a late heat, but of course she started to heat 9 months old and was the first of his sisters;) But I must say that everything flowed the surprisingly easy. Bulten was the one who was most interested in but it was no worse than that he ate fairly well and slept as he would :) In sum, everything works fine in the pack, Manson rule the roost with an iron fist and the others abide by it ;)
Hoffe was X-rayed his elbow a few days after he reached the age of one year, and they looked amazing fine :) He got his results from the Swedish Kennel Club and it was FREE :) Now I hope that his hips look as nice out that day it is time to X-ray them :)
                                            Our beautiful clown Hoffe <3
I think the years that have passed have run away faster than anything but we did have had time for some fun. Viva has been on a couple of puppy shows with good results, one of the shows were judge by Ann Marie Maeland and she has judged some bordeaux earlier. She sat Viva as BOB puppy with a brilliant critique, which I thought was very nice :) Viva made ​​her debut in an official class in Moheda 20121226 as a junior and only ten months old, she was second best bitch with Res-CAC :)
                        Viva after her first show, BOB pupp with prize of honnour :)
Although Bulten has been shown a few times this year. I showed him to breed specialist Mr. Jean Jacques Dupas in May. Unfortunately Bulten started limping when he came into the ring and got only a Very Good but with a brilliant critique. In november I went with Bulten to Växjö to show him for Mr. Bas Bosch. I said before I went to this exhibition, I went for criticism's sake and nothing else. And what a critique Bulten got! I have NEVER received such good reviews on any of my dogs before. It said among other, breathtaking expression, exellent all over and so on. And Mr. Bosch told me that Bulten was a very special boy :) It ended with Bulten was pleced as second best male and got his second CAC and Res-CACIB :) That I said, I took Viva to Moheda 20121226 and to the exhibition, I had also entered Bulten. I was hoping that he would get his last CAC so he could get his Champion title and he got it :) BOB and Champion at the last exhibition, worse of course it could gone;)
                       Bulten at the last show of the year. BOB CAC and Champion :)
                                     Thank´s for the picture Mikael Müller.
As you can imagine a lot of fun happened in the past year but that nevertheless been the most fun that lies closest to my heart is that we celebrated Manson 9 birthday on December 14 :) He is ridiculously energetic, he is with us at the long walks and he plays and wreaks havoc on like never before. Sure he is a little stiff when he attended a two-hour walk on the mountain but I piece it's okay to be there, considering his age and considering how much he loves to go on walks :)
                                        Manson at his 9th birthday :)
There are some new pictures in all the dogs Gallerys.
With this I would like to wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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