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Our News


Okay ... Now there are certainly those who think I have gone crazy (sometimes I think it myself too) because we have decided to extend the family again. On April 27 it will move into a wonderful little girl named Viva to us. Viva come from, like Bulten and Hoffe, Kennel All Brand Bordeaux. She is after Belburgo's Hercules aka Damien and Rubrics Chemin Royal aka Nina. Damien was a beautiful dog that I had the privilege to see live when he was enterd in the senior class at French club match a few years ago. There is probably no one who met Damien who have not been impressed with him. Nina is a very beautiful and friendly import bitch from England. I have met her several times, among other things, I was with Bettan and picked her up at the airport when she arrived from England.
This was no easy decision to make to get a puppy again. As everyone knows, it is a lot of work with the puppies and sins Hoffe is only five months and I have Manson and Bulten also need their time so I thought back and forth before I finally had the heart to win and I decided to let a little girl move into to us. There will be a lot of work but the first time I met Viva, I felt immediately that she will fit in with us perfectly. She is a very forward young lady who likes to go her own way. She reminds me a lot about Nova in temperament and that is not a disadvantage :)
Sunday, April 1st, me, Sanna, Sara, Hoffe and Chibi went to Gothenburg to visit the puppies. When we arrived, all puppies were sleeping on the porch and just one puppy got up and went out to visit us, Viva :) It was so fun to see, she and Hoffe fell for each other instantly! The other puppies were playing a little for themselves while Viva amused herself with Hoffe and Chibi :)
Sanna took some great pictures of the whole bunch, she's so incredibly skilled with the camera!
The whole gang! From the left: Bamse, Henna, Mimlan, Viva, Olle, Koriander och Olivia :)
Viva, Hoffe and in the back Koriander :)
Hoffe and Viva
Hoffe and Henna<3
Me and Little Miss Viva
In the past weekend Hoffe and I once again went to Gothenburg to visit all the puppies. They were now eight weeks old and ready for shipment. Unfortunately I can not bring Viva home until April 27, I can hardly wait! Me and Hoffe stayed from Saturday to Monday, and he and Viva have been together all weekend. They are so cute together <3 We long very much until we can get her home!
Hoffe and Viva sleeping<3
Hoffe with his hoof :)
In the week that past I've let Hoffe try a trail of blood. It went great! I put a 50 meter track, and he understood immediately what he would do :) Talented guy! Although Manson and Bulten have two different track, they find it so funny :)
Bulten with his "moose" :)
Manson with his cach :)
Last Tuesday, me and Bulten started wildly track course, it went great! I decided letting Hoffe take the obidence part sins Bulten alreadyknow the obedience of the course. So Bulten will do the track part :)
Viva has got her own page and there is one new link added at the link page.
Carpe Diem with Bulten!

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