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mars 2012

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Oh my, now it was QUITE a long time since I updated the page ... It has not really happened much but a very special and good news has happened. We have a new boy to the family. His name is All Brand Bordeaux Von Hoffe, he is a half brother to Bulten. They both have the same mother, Belburgo's Noisette / Natasha but Hoffes dad is GCH Von Hoff's Cisco Kid. Hoffe is a very special and long awaited guy. The first time I saw a picture of Hoffes dad, I was crazy in love. I just felt that a puppy after him, that I would like to have! It turned out that Cisco was intended as a cavalier to Natasha's last litter, a breeding which I believe will be hard to beat ...
It was a little nervous weeks with a lot of work to get everything to run smoothly. Semin would be sent from the United States, various papers would be ready and it would run smoothly with insemination. EVERYTHING went well! Nastasha became pregnant and the 25/10-2011 born a wonderful little boy named Hoffe :) Many thanks to Frankie and Dennis, and Tim and Julie. Without you we never had Hoffe <3 And not least a huge thanks to Bettan and David that they wants to let Hoffe be co owed with me and let Hoffe stay with me! He brightens days and gives me several good laughs every day :)
Manson and Hoffe
The boys at the swiming center
Hoffe loves to cuddle <3
My three sweethearts <3
Hoffe and his "pall" Chibi. Chibi lives with Zodd and is at the same age as Hoffe :)
Hoffe and Chibi :)
The All Brand brothers: Bulten and Hoffe
The three best boys ever <3
Hoffe came well into the pack from the start. Bulten is playing buddy and Manson is the one to see and learn;)

With Manson and Bulten everything is just fine. They have been busy trying to keep track of the little brother of days :) Manson is still fresh and alert and Bulten is as wild as usual ;)

On March 27 I'll and Bulten will begin a course of tracking. It will be really fun and I hope we can get a championship before the year is over :)

I have updated with some new pictures of Bultens side and Hoffe has got his own page :) And also two new links added.
Have a great time!
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