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Hip hip HURRAH!
Today is not any day, because today, it is Manson's eighth birthday! I can not believe it really been eight years since this beautiful, wonderful, amazing creature was born. Consider that in eight years he has been my companion, my biggest love, my everything ...I am so proud and happy that he actually is one of those who has become a veteran, it's a rare luxury .... At the same time, I panic at the thought of my rock, my soul, my everything actually getting on in years ... I want to stop time at the present moment, now that he's a smart, stubborn, spirited and quite wonderful uncle, but that's unfortunately not going to do it. There will never be another one like Manson, he is everything I wanted and more. He is perfect. Beautiful, intelligent and with a heart bigger than ever .... I can honestly say that the day we brought home Manson from his breeder Anneli, I did not understand how important it would be for me. Manson was my first Dogue de Bordeaux and my first dog and he was the gateway to the life I live today. I feel so fortunate that it was Manson who had come into my life and have given me eight great years ... I hope that we may have a few more years for us to explore life together. I am forever grateful to Anneli for her, although she never met me personally before we brught Manson home, somewhere felt I belonged together with Manson ... There are a few new pictures in Mansons gallery!
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Manson!
The weekend that was, I went on a trip to Stockholm to look at all the beautiful dogs that participated in the Nordic Winners Show the 2011th I, Sanna and Frida went up on Saturday and we had as much fun as always when we're on the road trip:) It was 39 Dogue de Bordeaux notified and 35 who participated. It was great to see everyone happy dog owner again! Best of Breed with CAC, CACIB, Crufts Qual 2012 and Nordic Winner title 2011 went to All Brand Bordeaux Luke Skywalker aka Hoss only 19 months old! Congratulations to Elizabeth and David, the proud breeder of this beautiful dog, and the proud owner of Mai at Mixtails kennel! It was so fun to be there and share the moment:)
I round off this post with a picture that Sanna took of me and Manson last week . Thank´s Sanna <3

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