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News 20110621

Time for some updates :)
The past weekend me and Sanna put Bulten and Zodd in the car and headed towards Denmark and the Danish exhibition Copenhagen winner 2011. There were eight Dogue de Bordeaux notified, four males and four females. Bulten went in alone in the open class. I was a little nervous after Bultens latest exhibition fresh in memory, when he behaved as if the judge would stab him with knives or similar ... So with that in mind, we went into the ring and the judge came up and would greet Bulten. Bulten was a little skeptical out and backed down a half step. Then said the judge to me to run with Bulten one lap and then set him up again. So I did and after that we ran, I put up Bulten and the judge came up again. Bulten did not flinch and the judge was looking at his teeth, feeling and squeezing, and Bulten didn´t moved a single millimeter. Bulten got a Exellent and the judge told me that he withheld Ck because Bulten had fallen when we came into the ring. A little lean, I think but the judge is judging ... Judge this day was Mr. Michael Forte from Ireland. Criticism was the dullest I have ever had on a dog and went like this:
A littel reluctend to be handle and a littel shy. Good front, good bone, moving well in profile. Just needs more training in handling.
Zodd became BOB with CACIB and we say a huge congratulations to him and Sanna:)

This weekend we will celebrate the Midsummer in Sweden. Me, Totte and Annie will pack up the dogs in the car and drive to Gothenburg were we will go to puppy meeting with Bultens full and half siblings:) It should be really nice to see everyone again!

Have a great time!

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