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Our News

News 20110605

Back home again after a two days dogshow in Fegen :) I have had some lovely days with new and old friends, god food and a lot of laughs :) The show was arranged by the SBHK and I think it was very nice show. Bulten was enterd for both of the days. Day one he got Exellent 2 for Swedish judge Eva Borg. His critisism was like this :
Big powerful male with a god masculin head. Good nos, correct eyes, adequate chin, good topline, good enough angle, decent feet and intermediaries. Still a bit loose in elbows.
Day two the judge was breedspecialist and former Dogue de Bordeaux breeder Mariano Di Chicco from Italy. Bulten got BOS and his firts CAC. But I am not pleased about Bultens behavier against the judge. He was acting like the judge had fire on his hands and did not wanted to be touched. Not that he tryed to bite the judge or something like that, he was just jumping around and tryed to get away from the judges hands. Stupid dog. After Bulten had become best male and got his CAC I talked to the judge and told him that I was very happy that he gave Bulten the CAC cus I didn´t think he decerved it after behaving like an complet idiot in the ring. The judge smiled and told me that he didn´t care about his behavier cus he liked Bultens type and he had seen Bulten the day before in the ring and that day he behaved exellent. And he said that with the Dogue de Bordeaux you never now how they think :). After Mr Di Chicco was done with his judgement he was mingled with all the people at the show and he walked over to me and Bettan and I thought to myself that I was going to take Bulten out of his cage to se his reaction against the judge again. Bulten was walking right over to him, sniffed his hands and was like:- Hey, it´s you again :) I know you, we have meet before :)
Bultens critisism for the day was like this:
Very nice head, very strong stop, correct proportion of the head, nice profile, nice expression of the eyes, correct teeths, good backschoulder, little big ears, exellent neck, good forecheast, medium bone in the front, good shoulder, good withers, correct topline, medium cheast, good backangulation. Is a little afraid today, good tail, nice movements.
Bettan and Belburgo´s Noisette/Natasha BOB and All Brand Bordeaux Maximus/Bulten BOS. Thank you for the picture Jessica Snäcka!
I would like to say a big Congrats to Bultens "dogue family" for their fantastic results the last days. First of all to Bettan and David for their grand old lady Shakira who took BIS 1 Veteran day one in Fegen and BIS 2 Veteran day two. To Bultens mom Natasha that took BOS day one in Fegen and BOB day two in Fegen. And to Bultens brother Alfons owner Jenny and Niklas for Alfons FANTASTIC result day one in Fegen. BOB, Swedish Champion and Best in Show1!!! Offcurse a big congrats to Bettan and David, breeder to Alfons. And a big congrats to Anders and Jeanette for Bultens brother Zeke who became BOS with CACIB in Vänersborg International Dogshow yesterday :))) What a great days for Bulten and his brothers :)))
Over and out!

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