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maj 2011

News 20110523

Then it was time for some updates again:)
The weekend May 8, I was with Bulten on the dog show in Hillerød / Denmark. We went to Sara and Lasse at Belburgo's kennel already on Saturday. Bulten had fun with his cousin Chevalier Rouge Filippa and I was in good company with Sarah and Lasse:) It was good food, consisting of grilled and some home made ice cream for dessert. It tasted wonderful:) Me and Bulten slept over at Sara and Lasse and on Sunday morning me and Sara packed up Bulten and Filippa in the car and went to Denmark to go on the show. It was a very nice show that I will be going to more time! Bulten was given a Good of the judge, he said that Bulten needs more time to get into the body and the judge wanted to see him again in one or two years. Bultens criticism sounded like this: Slightly too high legs, medium bone. Still a bit light in the body. Sufficiently good angles, excellent bite and teeth. Square nose and broad nose. Good broad skull, strong rear movement. The tail to high-placed and carried high in motion. Good coat.
Bulten and Filippa, dancers in the dark :)
Last weeks we had some lovely weather and we went for some swimming with the boys, some times we have been at sea and there has been a lot of swimming in the lake. The boys really love to be at the lake, they swim and dig in the sand and are generally fun:) I have taken the opportunity to swim them as much as possible sins Bulten has started to have problems with swelling in his paw again. There is a knot that swells to and from and so he limps occasionally. We're going to the vet again this Wednesday, they'll cut it up and see if there is anything left that was missed to be removed last time. He had a small piece of glass in the same place a few months ago and it is possible that a small piece was missed to be removed. Hopefully he heal until 2 June when I have enterd Bulten to a two-day exhibition in Fegen. Otherwise I go there without a dog and cheering on the siblings:)
Manson in his favorit element :) photo by Sanna
Speaking of siblings, we were on the International show in Hässleholm this past weekend. Bultens brother Zeke was BOS with CACIB and CERT with this he also got his Swedish Champion title! Congratulations to Anders, who owns Zeke and that made it so good in the ring with Zeke. And also one MEGA CONGRATULATIONS to Bettan and David at Kennel All Brand Bordeaux for their first but definitely not the last Champion! Bulten was placed Exellent 4 with criticism: Big strong dog with excellent overall. Typical for the breed masked head. Straight good bite. Good eyes and ears. Strong neck. Well defined wither. Slightly soft topline. Great legs and feet. Good shoulder. Moderate angulation behind. Covering ground fairly balanced movements. Good temperament.
I've added some new pictures of Bulten and Manson to their gallery! Sanna rang one day and wanted to take some pictures of the boys in front of cherry tree, it's an offer you do not turn down:) The pictures were wonderful as usual!

Have a wonderful time!

News 20110505

Today is a very special day....
Congratulations to the world's most wonderful Bulten at his 2 Birthday! (Though he was actually born on the 4th) I can not believe it already been two years since I held him in my hand for the first time and I said directly:-This is Bulten :) Somewere I believe that fate had a finger in the pie when Bulten was born. I stood in line to buy a bitch after Natasha (Bulten's mom), but it was only boys born. First born was "little" Fridolf, then came Zeke and Izor, and for some reason when Bulten came out I felt that it's HIM! The guy who will be moving in with us! A copple of days after Bulten was born came as a small "straggler" Miracle Boy aka Alfons, but that is another story:) Like I said, was no bitches born but I'm not sorry for it. I was'mother' to the world's best Jåttonge anyway:) A big THANK YOU to my wonderful friends Elisabeth and David for the confidence you gave us when we got to be the Bultens new family!
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