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News 20110421

This is a bit of a sad day... It´s been three years sins our beautiful girl Nova past away... I still think of her and miss her everyday. She was such a special little girl, always up for some new adventure... She was so happy and she lived her short life to the fullest. She was the prinsess in our house and she always will be, no one can ever replace her...
One of my favorite photo of Nova taken by Sanna Södergren...
Sanna, Lucas and Zodd came for some barbeque last weekend. As usual Sanna had her camera and shot some pics at the boys :)
Bulten with his Ikea-rat :) 
Bulten and Zodd playing, "Don´t tuch the ground" :)
And silly Manson, seven and a half years old and still acting like a youngster :)
Also some new pics in Bultens gallery and in Mansons gallery! And with this update i will like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTERN :))))

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