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april 2011

News 20110421

This is a bit of a sad day... It´s been three years sins our beautiful girl Nova past away... I still think of her and miss her everyday. She was such a special little girl, always up for some new adventure... She was so happy and she lived her short life to the fullest. She was the prinsess in our house and she always will be, no one can ever replace her...
One of my favorite photo of Nova taken by Sanna Södergren...
Sanna, Lucas and Zodd came for some barbeque last weekend. As usual Sanna had her camera and shot some pics at the boys :)
Bulten with his Ikea-rat :) 
Bulten and Zodd playing, "Don´t tuch the ground" :)
And silly Manson, seven and a half years old and still acting like a youngster :)
Also some new pics in Bultens gallery and in Mansons gallery! And with this update i will like to wish you all a HAPPY EASTERN :))))

News 20110412

Springtime :)))))
At last spring has come! We have had some wonderful warm days, the other day we had 19 degrees in the SHADE! Wood anemones have begun to bloom and I have seen both butterflies and a very tired bumblebee:) I absolutely love this time of year, everything comes to life again after a few dark, cold winter months. The boys are enjoying the spring to the fullest, they are out all day and sun themselves, and they plunged in every babbling brook we pass on our walks:) You can see that they enjoy as much as me of being out when the sun shines.
Last Saturday, 2th april, we had a visit from my sisters Angelica and Filippa and also Sanna was here with Zodd. We packed a backpack with some tea and went up a long walk on the mountain the whole gang. It was the first really warm day this year and we enjoyed probably just as much everyone of the outdoors:) Sanna had as usual the camera along and took some pictures of the hooligans;)
One "stoned" Manson :)
Like Sammy Hagar onec sang: -JUMP!!!
On Sunday, the neighbors came with their DdB / Cane Corso mix Diezel over to help to clear the pasture. Manson, Bulten and Diezel helped on their way by ensuring that the ditch that goes to the pasture not silted again. The three "musketeers" was no longer red when they were finished, they were black with mud. But surely they had fun;) The neighbors tend to have their horses here with us to summer a few weeks each year. It's so nice to wake up in the morning and look out the bedroom window and watch the horses graze in peace and quiet. Perhaps it is that I get a horse again, I have after all been a "horse girl" in almost all my life ... When Sunday was over, I had two boys who were very tired after a weekend full of activities:)

This weekend we got a visit from Sanna and ​​Zodd and Jessica with her ​​wonderful Cimarron Uruguayo Dare. Once again we packed our picnic and hiked up the mountain. It was a glorious weather, and both we and the dogs enjoyed to the fullest. Dare could not quite get a handle on this by playing on the boys' way, so when Zodd and Bulten wrestled Dare ran around trying to get them to chase her. Eventually she managed to get their attention and they ran around a rock at full speed all three. But after one lap Bulten and  Zodd stayed again and returned to their wrestlig while Dare she did what she likes best, run, run, and so she ran even more;) As usual it is Sanna behind the camera!
-Come on Bulten, take me!
-Ha! Now i am going to take U Bulten!
-Hey Zodd! Play with me, not with the stick!
-If you dont want to play with me, then I have to take your stick...
Dare: -Hmmm, what are they doing? This is weard...
Big kiss!
Multen turned out a little while...
True friendship...
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