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Hello again!

Now updates are coming close;)

The other day we had to go to the vet with Manson, I noted that he had a gray patch on his left eye and was a bit scared that he had started to get cataracts. So I booked an appointment with an ophthalmologist and his eyes shone Manson. There were no cataracts he had but a slight injury he probably received from a tag or branch or something similar. So he will now make the eye drops for ten days and then everything will be okay again:)
It's getting spring out there and it is particularly noticeable on the dogs that love to be out now when the sun heats up. We walk our usual rounds on weekdays and on weekends we try to go on long walks with our friends. We usually cook hot chocolate and take some tea out, it is wonderful to sit down in a sunspot and just enjoy the approach of spring! Below you can se some pics from our walk 20110219. As usual it is Sanna behind the camera :)
Manson and Zodd
Bulten and Zodd
One day we drove down to Nogersund and visited the boys' best friend Zodd. Sanna had the camera along and took some pictures you can se below. When we're on the beach, Bulten and Zodd only eyes for each other. Manson loves everything about the beach to do. He loves to swim, dig, playing with the stone and bounce on the sand, he becomes like a youngster again:)
Manson, 7 years old and still a youngster :)
Crazy-Manson :)
Bulten and Long Lipped-Zodd :)
Duck-face Bulten and Zodd :)
We were out for a nice long walk in the day again with Sanna, Zodd and my two sisters Angelica and Filippa, pictures from the day will come as soon as I got the pictures from Sanna:)
I've also added a couple of new pictures in Bultens Gallery!
Concludes with how the image of my heart would have looked if I had it x-rayed...
That´s all for now!

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