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Our News

News 20110122

Then we were a couple of weeks into 2011. It has not happened so much new here but we've had some peace and quiet. There have been some long walks in the woods, it's so wonderful to be out when there is snow everywhere.

I had to go to the vet with Bulten on Wednesday. He was limping to and from a little while and it turned out it was a small piece of glass between two of his toes. I took the opportunity to weigh him when I was at the vet. He now weighs just over 61 kg. It's a hefty increase from the September when he weighed in France before the club match. Then he weighed no more than 54 kg. However, I think he still needs some more substance in the body. For days, he is built like Anna Anka, 0.02% body fat and the rest of the body consists of muscles;) But he's only 20 months old so the substance will come with time:)
With Manson's all just great! He is included on our walks in the woods and he chases imaginary deer or an imaginary rabbit if he gets the chance:) He has been staying at home when we are gone the really long walks that takes a few hours, cus i think it gets a little too hard for him to run in deep snow for so long. He has actually turned seven years and I think he is a very spirited and full of energy "old" man:)
Last weekend me and Sanna went to see Jessica at kennel Perro Caracteristico and her Cimmaron uruguayo. Jessica was the first in Europe to import this breed and also the first in Europe to breed Cimmaron-puppies. She currently has her second litter and it was a bit of a reason why I and Sanna went down. Sanna wanted to expand her range of photos on her Deviantart and I think it is very interested to meet new breeds. I can honestly say that had it not been for my incredibly strong love for the Dogue de Bordeaux, I would probably consider a Cimmaron. It is a fantastic and versatile breed.
Here´s a picture of the Cimmaron puppies:
It was probably all for now! Have a great time!

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