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Hip hip HURRAH!
Today is not any day, because today, it is Manson's eighth birthday! I can not believe it really been eight years since this beautiful, wonderful, amazing creature was born. Consider that in eight years he has been my companion, my biggest love, my everything ...I am so proud and happy that he actually is one of those who has become a veteran, it's a rare luxury .... At the same time, I panic at the thought of my rock, my soul, my everything actually getting on in years ... I want to stop time at the present moment, now that he's a smart, stubborn, spirited and quite wonderful uncle, but that's unfortunately not going to do it. There will never be another one like Manson, he is everything I wanted and more. He is perfect. Beautiful, intelligent and with a heart bigger than ever .... I can honestly say that the day we brought home Manson from his breeder Anneli, I did not understand how important it would be for me. Manson was my first Dogue de Bordeaux and my first dog and he was the gateway to the life I live today. I feel so fortunate that it was Manson who had come into my life and have given me eight great years ... I hope that we may have a few more years for us to explore life together. I am forever grateful to Anneli for her, although she never met me personally before we brught Manson home, somewhere felt I belonged together with Manson ... There are a few new pictures in Mansons gallery!
Happy Birthday to our beautiful Manson!
The weekend that was, I went on a trip to Stockholm to look at all the beautiful dogs that participated in the Nordic Winners Show the 2011th I, Sanna and Frida went up on Saturday and we had as much fun as always when we're on the road trip:) It was 39 Dogue de Bordeaux notified and 35 who participated. It was great to see everyone happy dog owner again! Best of Breed with CAC, CACIB, Crufts Qual 2012 and Nordic Winner title 2011 went to All Brand Bordeaux Luke Skywalker aka Hoss only 19 months old! Congratulations to Elizabeth and David, the proud breeder of this beautiful dog, and the proud owner of Mai at Mixtails kennel! It was so fun to be there and share the moment:)
I round off this post with a picture that Sanna took of me and Manson last week . Thank´s Sanna <3

News 20110927

Then it was time for a little update again. Summer disappeared faster than an eye blink. We have not had much sun, this summer is best known as the dull autumn days... 
Bulten has had some bad luck lately. He was limping on his front leg. I went to my regular vet where he was standing on lameness investigation for a while. He was X-rayed all over the front, but we found nothing wrong, he was on steroid therapy and other treatments, etc., etc., we found nothing at all that seemed wrong. So I booked an appointment with an orthopedic specialist and had time immediately. When we got to the specialist he felt through the entire Bulten and found that the problem was in his right elbow. Funny, I thought... (though we had x-rayed him, at my regular vet and not seen anything). It was determined that Bulten would undergo laparoscopic surgery. Bulten was operated and it turned out he had an inflammation of a joint capsule of the elbow. I was very glad it was nothing serious, and we went home, hoping that everything would be back to normal after his ten days of antibiotics. Unfortunately, it had encountered complications during the surgery. Bulten had got into a bacterium in the joint and after two days at home the entire leg swelled up to twice its normal size and he got high fever. We drove to the vet again. They had to open up and rinse inside the joint and put more drainage tubes in the bone of my little wretch. He had gone from having inflammation in the joint to have infection, which is really not good ... In three weeks we drove back and forth to the vet not less than eight times to flush and clean the joint. My little angel, he was so good all the time and veterinarians at the station said he was wonderful to deal with. It took some time before Bulten was fully restored again. He had to go on strong medications for several weeks and all the shows we had planned to go on over the summer was just to cancel. For about a month and a half ago, Bulten was declared completely healthy again:) Thanks to it we have had time to participate in two exhibitions. Both times Bulten got Exellent.
I've decided not to take Bulten on some more shows until next year. I think he needs more time to get ready in the body. Instead I'll try to get going like wild track. I've been and checked on a couple of trainings and it looks great fun:)
My two sweethearts<3
With Manson's all quiet well. It is beginning to seem a little more that he actually is getting on in years, he moves no longer as easily as he did and he would prefer a bit shorter walks rather than long walks. But he is as bright and cheerful as he always was and when it's time to go to the beach, he is first man in space in the car:) Once on the beach, he has a lot of projects going on. He moves the rocks and seaweed from one place to another, he digs, swimming and telling the other dogs that EVERYTHING they see belongs to him;)
Crazy Manson on the beach :)
A fun novelty is that we are in "waiting" times. Belburgo's Noisette aka Natasha (Bulten's mom) are expecting puppies with my favorite guy Von Hof's Cisco Kid. The first time I saw Cisco was almost two years ago and I must thank Facebook for that:) I saw a picture of a beautiful guy, he was only young but GOD what a dog he was! I fell like a tree. Perfect head and a wonderful sound and well built body. Just built like I want a Bordeaux should be:) When Bettan decided that she would take one last litter of Natasha, and that her intended was Cisco, I can admit that I nearly fainted with joy:) My favorite female and favorite male in one and the same combination. It feels like a big-Wow:) So hopefully by the end of October I am sitting in the whelping box and releases the babies with my lovely Bettan and her equally wonderful husband David:) That's all for now. There is some new pictures in Manson and Bultens galleries. Have a good time until the next time and keep your fingers crossed that it gets a little Natasha-Cisco baby for us!

News 20110621

Time for some updates :)
The past weekend me and Sanna put Bulten and Zodd in the car and headed towards Denmark and the Danish exhibition Copenhagen winner 2011. There were eight Dogue de Bordeaux notified, four males and four females. Bulten went in alone in the open class. I was a little nervous after Bultens latest exhibition fresh in memory, when he behaved as if the judge would stab him with knives or similar ... So with that in mind, we went into the ring and the judge came up and would greet Bulten. Bulten was a little skeptical out and backed down a half step. Then said the judge to me to run with Bulten one lap and then set him up again. So I did and after that we ran, I put up Bulten and the judge came up again. Bulten did not flinch and the judge was looking at his teeth, feeling and squeezing, and Bulten didn´t moved a single millimeter. Bulten got a Exellent and the judge told me that he withheld Ck because Bulten had fallen when we came into the ring. A little lean, I think but the judge is judging ... Judge this day was Mr. Michael Forte from Ireland. Criticism was the dullest I have ever had on a dog and went like this:
A littel reluctend to be handle and a littel shy. Good front, good bone, moving well in profile. Just needs more training in handling.
Zodd became BOB with CACIB and we say a huge congratulations to him and Sanna:)

This weekend we will celebrate the Midsummer in Sweden. Me, Totte and Annie will pack up the dogs in the car and drive to Gothenburg were we will go to puppy meeting with Bultens full and half siblings:) It should be really nice to see everyone again!

Have a great time!

News 20110605

Back home again after a two days dogshow in Fegen :) I have had some lovely days with new and old friends, god food and a lot of laughs :) The show was arranged by the SBHK and I think it was very nice show. Bulten was enterd for both of the days. Day one he got Exellent 2 for Swedish judge Eva Borg. His critisism was like this :
Big powerful male with a god masculin head. Good nos, correct eyes, adequate chin, good topline, good enough angle, decent feet and intermediaries. Still a bit loose in elbows.
Day two the judge was breedspecialist and former Dogue de Bordeaux breeder Mariano Di Chicco from Italy. Bulten got BOS and his firts CAC. But I am not pleased about Bultens behavier against the judge. He was acting like the judge had fire on his hands and did not wanted to be touched. Not that he tryed to bite the judge or something like that, he was just jumping around and tryed to get away from the judges hands. Stupid dog. After Bulten had become best male and got his CAC I talked to the judge and told him that I was very happy that he gave Bulten the CAC cus I didn´t think he decerved it after behaving like an complet idiot in the ring. The judge smiled and told me that he didn´t care about his behavier cus he liked Bultens type and he had seen Bulten the day before in the ring and that day he behaved exellent. And he said that with the Dogue de Bordeaux you never now how they think :). After Mr Di Chicco was done with his judgement he was mingled with all the people at the show and he walked over to me and Bettan and I thought to myself that I was going to take Bulten out of his cage to se his reaction against the judge again. Bulten was walking right over to him, sniffed his hands and was like:- Hey, it´s you again :) I know you, we have meet before :)
Bultens critisism for the day was like this:
Very nice head, very strong stop, correct proportion of the head, nice profile, nice expression of the eyes, correct teeths, good backschoulder, little big ears, exellent neck, good forecheast, medium bone in the front, good shoulder, good withers, correct topline, medium cheast, good backangulation. Is a little afraid today, good tail, nice movements.
Bettan and Belburgo´s Noisette/Natasha BOB and All Brand Bordeaux Maximus/Bulten BOS. Thank you for the picture Jessica Snäcka!
I would like to say a big Congrats to Bultens "dogue family" for their fantastic results the last days. First of all to Bettan and David for their grand old lady Shakira who took BIS 1 Veteran day one in Fegen and BIS 2 Veteran day two. To Bultens mom Natasha that took BOS day one in Fegen and BOB day two in Fegen. And to Bultens brother Alfons owner Jenny and Niklas for Alfons FANTASTIC result day one in Fegen. BOB, Swedish Champion and Best in Show1!!! Offcurse a big congrats to Bettan and David, breeder to Alfons. And a big congrats to Anders and Jeanette for Bultens brother Zeke who became BOS with CACIB in Vänersborg International Dogshow yesterday :))) What a great days for Bulten and his brothers :)))
Over and out!

News 20110523

Then it was time for some updates again:)
The weekend May 8, I was with Bulten on the dog show in Hillerød / Denmark. We went to Sara and Lasse at Belburgo's kennel already on Saturday. Bulten had fun with his cousin Chevalier Rouge Filippa and I was in good company with Sarah and Lasse:) It was good food, consisting of grilled and some home made ice cream for dessert. It tasted wonderful:) Me and Bulten slept over at Sara and Lasse and on Sunday morning me and Sara packed up Bulten and Filippa in the car and went to Denmark to go on the show. It was a very nice show that I will be going to more time! Bulten was given a Good of the judge, he said that Bulten needs more time to get into the body and the judge wanted to see him again in one or two years. Bultens criticism sounded like this: Slightly too high legs, medium bone. Still a bit light in the body. Sufficiently good angles, excellent bite and teeth. Square nose and broad nose. Good broad skull, strong rear movement. The tail to high-placed and carried high in motion. Good coat.
Bulten and Filippa, dancers in the dark :)
Last weeks we had some lovely weather and we went for some swimming with the boys, some times we have been at sea and there has been a lot of swimming in the lake. The boys really love to be at the lake, they swim and dig in the sand and are generally fun:) I have taken the opportunity to swim them as much as possible sins Bulten has started to have problems with swelling in his paw again. There is a knot that swells to and from and so he limps occasionally. We're going to the vet again this Wednesday, they'll cut it up and see if there is anything left that was missed to be removed last time. He had a small piece of glass in the same place a few months ago and it is possible that a small piece was missed to be removed. Hopefully he heal until 2 June when I have enterd Bulten to a two-day exhibition in Fegen. Otherwise I go there without a dog and cheering on the siblings:)
Manson in his favorit element :) photo by Sanna
Speaking of siblings, we were on the International show in Hässleholm this past weekend. Bultens brother Zeke was BOS with CACIB and CERT with this he also got his Swedish Champion title! Congratulations to Anders, who owns Zeke and that made it so good in the ring with Zeke. And also one MEGA CONGRATULATIONS to Bettan and David at Kennel All Brand Bordeaux for their first but definitely not the last Champion! Bulten was placed Exellent 4 with criticism: Big strong dog with excellent overall. Typical for the breed masked head. Straight good bite. Good eyes and ears. Strong neck. Well defined wither. Slightly soft topline. Great legs and feet. Good shoulder. Moderate angulation behind. Covering ground fairly balanced movements. Good temperament.
I've added some new pictures of Bulten and Manson to their gallery! Sanna rang one day and wanted to take some pictures of the boys in front of cherry tree, it's an offer you do not turn down:) The pictures were wonderful as usual!

Have a wonderful time!
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